HCG Diet Program is Now Available In Australia

HCG diet is a revolutionary weight loss therapy that mainly uses the benefits of HCG Hormone and 500 calorie diet for shedding abnormal fat banks. A British physician ATW Simeons designed HCG Diet plan in the year 1950. The main ingredients of HCG drops not only helps burning fat but also renew your eating habits permanently by resetting your Hypothalamus gland. Dieters never feel weak or hungry during their low calorie days because during HCG program around 1500-2000 calories are released into your bloodstream from the burnt abnormal fat.

HCG Diet drops are now available in Australia and people can purchase these drops online. This diet plan strictly prohibits smoking and alcohol consumption during the weight loss regime. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone is found in various forms such as injections, drops, pellets, powder and spray however it is advisable to buy HCG drops because of the its benefits and easy to use nature.

In order to achieve your goal weight, you should follow HCG diet program without cheating. Only foods mentioned in the Simeons’ Book Pounds and Inches are allowed and any foodstuff, which is not mentioned, isn’t allowed. There are three phases of HCG Diet.

The first phase where the dieters are allowed to eat everything is known as loading phase. This phase continues for 2 days where you should load body with food, which eventually helps your body to face the low calorie days with ease.

The second phase, which starts just after the completion of Loading phase is known Maintenance Phase where 500 calories are allowed, and only foods mentioned in the protocol should be eaten. This phase continues for 21-40 days depending upon your goal weight. Maintenance Phase is the most important period of HCG diet program where your body burns one pound of abnormal fat daily. During this phase, dieter should sleep more and drink water in a sufficient amount.

The third phase of HCG diet program is known as stabilization phase where you are allowed to increase your calorie limit to 800 calories (women) – 1000 calories (men). This period continues for 21 days where the dieters should not take the drops. HCG diet therapy is a permanent weight loss process where fat lost never returns back.

Get The Best HCG Diet Drops In Australia

  • According to recent research, around 32.6% Australian adults are overweight and 16.4% are obese. In order to cure this and live a healthy life, you should take up something, which actually works naturally. Now HCG drops are available in all the parts of Australia such as Bathurst, Dubbo, Campbelltown, Blue Mountains, Broken Hill, Grafton, Albury, Sydney, Armidale, Cessnock, Goulburn, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Coffs Harbour, Lismore, Bathurst, Hervey Bay, and Greater Hobart etc.
  • It’s always advisable to get HCG Drops from a reliable online store. Homeopathic HCG drops are considered to be the most effective form. These drops are completely free from side effects as they are prepared after a rigorous dilution process. HCG diet drops don’t require the presence of a physician during its administration. These drops should be taken under the tongue.

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