Why Cheating On HCG Diet Is A Sin?

HCG diet programme is a natural and safe way of losing abnormal fat from body. It was devised by Dr ATW Simeons in 1954. It involves the intake of HCG hormone along with a low calorie diet plan. HCG hormone, widely known as fertility hormone, is administered in the form of drops or shots during HCG diet plan. The entire diet plan is divided into three steps. During the first step, dieters are allowed to eat anything they want. However, they are asked to consume high calorie foods during this stage and are not given HCG hormone. After two days of loading body with high calorie foods, dieters enter into the second stage which is characterised by a 500 calorie diet per day along with HCG hormone. Daily diet is reduced to 500 calories along with the intake of HCG hormone. Stabilization is the last stage of HCG in which dieters are asked to increase the calories slowly.

Important Aspects Of HCG Diet Plan :

HCG diet plan requires adequate planning and determination from dieter’s side. Planning of meals is very crucial when dieters enter second and third stages of this diet plan. Certain things are to be avoided during second stage. The consumption of tea/coffee is discouraged. However, dieters can have tea/coffee with one tablespoon of milk once a day. One can always take green tea. Artificial sweetening agents can be used provided the calories are taken care of. All the doses of HCG should be taken in time. If a person is on dose of HCG injections, additional care must be taken. The shots must be administered under the guidance of trained personnel or in a clinic. There may be side effects such as headaches, cramps and dizziness during HCG diet plan. If the side-effects are severe, dieter should immediately contact emergency care services. Homeopathic HCG drops are safe and easy to take. These are available in pharmacies without any prescription.

Cheating On HCG :

Many dieters are ignorant and they smoke or take alcohol during HCG diet Plan. Both these actions can increase the calorie intake during HCG diet plan. As a result of this, the desired effects of HCG diet plan cannot be achieved. Wine is not exactingly a source of sugar but it contains some sugars which are prohibited during HCG. However, if you want to use it during calorie restriction period, use a dry wine.

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