HCG Diet Duration

The three phases (Loading, Maintenance and Stabilization) of HCG diet should be followed sincerely for achieving your goal weight without any interruption. The combination of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone and 500-calorie diet helps your body to burn those abnormal fat banks located on your thighs, chin, belly, abdomen and hips. Dieters during this weight loss therapy are only allowed to eat foods that are mentioned in Simeons’ guide Pounds and Inches. During HCG diet, dieters never feel hungry or weak because extra 1500-2000 calories are released in the body from the burnt abnormal fat banks.

Dieters can stay up to 63 days on HCG diet depending upon the weight they want to lose. In order to lose more than 30 pounds, dieters can easily extend their Maintenance phase up to 40 days. For normal 25- 30 pounds weight loss, HCG diet Phases continue for 44 days. It’s mandatory to go through 44 days of HCG diet therapy. If dieters quit this program in the middle, he/she should start the weight loss plan again from the Loading phase. In case of monthly period, woman dieters should discontinue the drops still the period gets over.

HCG diet is a strict diet plan that prohibits smoking and alcohol consumption during the weight loss regime. Cheating during the protocol can cause adverse results. In order to achieve your goal weight, dieter should avoid heavy workouts and sleep properly during the 44 days time.

It’s almost common to face Plateau during HCG diet that can be tackled easily by adding more fiber and water to your diet however if the weight loss stalls continue, dieters can take up apple day. HCG diet is a permanent weight loss plan that not only burns your abnormal fat banks but also refurbishes your eating habits.

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