Plan Your HCG Diet Therapy Properly For Losing Weight

HCG Diet Protocol encompasses strict diet plan, which can be a huge shift from your routine lifestyle. It consists of a low calorie (500 calories per day) diet plan, which is explained during the second stage. It is very important to plan your meals before following the plan. Proper meal planning saves time and also averts any mishaps.

Planning your HCG Diet Plan

The following list might help you in planning your diet for HCG protocol:

  • Breakfast : Take tea or coffee with no-sugar. You must use only one-tablespoon milk for the whole day for preparing your tea or coffee. Natural sweeteners like stevia are occasionally allowed.
  • Lunch : Hundred Grams of Beef, veal, chicken breast, lean fish, crab, shrimp or lobster is allowed during the plan. Visible fat must be removed before preparation. Oily varieties of fish such as tuna, salmon, dried/ pickled fish are not allowed during HCG diet Plan. Remove chicken breast before cooking.
  • Dinner : For planning dinner menu, the same choices should be included as explained in lunch. You can consume juice of one lemon in a day (for all purposes). Seasoning like salt, pepper, parsley, garlic, thyme, sweet basil is allowed but it should not contain oil. Water, tea and coffee are allowed as beverages and no other drink must be consumed during the diet plan.
  • The Intake Of Water : The dieters following HCG diet plan must take at least two litres of water per day. It is a conception among dieters that it may make them to retain water, which is totally incorrect.
  • In Between Snacks : Breadsticks or fruits can be eaten as in-between meal snack, if not consumed with meal. However, not more than four items listed in lunch and dinner menu should be consumed at any given time.

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