HCG Drops For Weight Loss Explained

HCG Sublingual Drops when combined with Very Low Calorie Diet Plan helps your body to burn fat naturally. These drops contain HCG (Human Chorionic Hormone), Vitamin B12 and cell salts that only targets the abnormal fat banks like fat stored near your thighs, chin, belly, abdomen and hips. HCG diet is the combination of 500-calorie diet and HCG hormone. In order to lose maximum weight during this protocol, dieters should completely abide by the guidelines written in Dr. Simeons’ book Pounds and Inches. This is a very strict weight loss plan where smoking and alcohol consumption is prohibited. Dieters aren’t allowed to do heavy workouts during HCG diet however you can take up light activities like brisk walking, Yoga etc.

Top 5 Benefits Of Homeopathic HCG Drops

  1. Homeopathic HCG drops are completely free from side effects as they are made after rigorous dilution process. Homeopathic HCG drops not only helps your body to burn fat but also strengthens your immune system.
  2. HCG drops are easy to take unlike HCG injections. It just have to put under your tongue however injections need to mixed and injected properly.
  3. Homeopathic HCG Drops can be taken without the presence of a physician however in case of injections, presence of a physician is compulsory.
  4. Sublingual HCG drops enhances your bowel movement by cleansing your colon naturally however dieters should drink lots of water during the weight loss period for achieving goal weight on time.
  5. Homeopathic HCG drops not only burns stored fat but also renews your eating habits permanently. These drops help resetting your hypothalamus gland that consequently enhances your eating habits.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone is available in many forms such as powder, sprays, injections, pellets and drops however in order to lose weight appropriately dieters should take up Homeopathic Drops for its hassle free nature.

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